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 "Without authentic memories of our own, we literally cannot know who we are, where we came from, to whom we are connected. We are nothing, or more accurately, we are only what people tell us we are. In a very real sense, we exist only as products of the imagination of others, an imagination benevolent or malicious as the case may be, but an imagination which we cannot control or even understand." from "The Destruction of Cultural Memory" by Humphreys, R. Stephen

I was born in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Through my work, I attempt to delve deeper into the events and realities that took place at the beginning of it. Following my research on migration, in this project, I look for for the descendants of the “white émigrés”–members of Russian aristocratic families who were intellectuals of various professions, artists and military members, and, as a consequence of two revolutions, had to flee the country.

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